Listening — hearing naught while dreaming but a whisper always seeming
to awaken all that's teeming deep within my restless soul;
drifting in from distant places comes the breath of empty spaces
voicing only hints and traces of a hope that takes its toll;
this one hope, too mad for daylight, fills its repetitious role
     in atmosphere as black as coal.

Rushing over dust that's rested on a heart of stone divested
both of pulse and feeling lest it dare to risk its fragile core,
rises up a wind returning life to hope and both concerning
this my softened heart now yearning for the one whom I adore
and who's somehow thrilled my heart with murmurs that it knew before
     in days once past and now restored.

Startled from my fitful sleep by lovely eyes so clear and deep — I
gasp for breath and try to keep my mind from reeling uncontrolled;
thus each night your look awakes me though I wish that sleep would take me
but my thoughts will not forsake thee nor release me from their hold;
so I pass the slowing moments wishing — biding unconsoled
     and whisper words of love untold.
9:23 AM | Unknown